Better looking Amateur Radio (ham) license printout for your wall

This will create a nicer looking (unofficial, of course) display license, formatted to print out in the center of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and should look nice hanging on the wall of your shack.

Do a 'print preview' in your browser to make sure that it looks good, if you don't see the background, then your browser likely has printing of background images disabled... click on 'print' then click 'options', you should be able to enable printing of background colors, and background images, this is also where you can turn off printing of the header and footers.

Firefox browsers integrated the print preview, when you click print, scroll down on the menu that comes up, at the bottom it shows the 'print headers and footers' (uncheck that) and 'print backgrounds' (check that).

Note, it may take a day or two before the FCC puts up license changes so that my scripts can download them and update the local copy of the db that this generator uses, so if your updates aren't showing up... please be patient and come back tomorrow. :)

This was inspired by the form on the page, however, my late brother, Shane Ludwig, felt that he could do a better job with the page layout, and his revision looks much better plus his version is less stressful on your browser when rendering the page, I believe he did a typically excellent job, and I miss him. Additionally I fixed a database issue that resulted in a wrong file number for some people.

Note: all caps not necessary for the callsign, the script does that for you.

Enter your callsign:

Michael, WT9V

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